Friday, April 21, 2017

Almost time, see trials and more equipment purchased

Sea trials are next Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, we're helping deliver the boat from Riverside Marina, NJ to Liberty Marina on the following Wednesday which is around a 3 day sail. We have a delivery captain during that trip so I'm treating it as a learning experience also.

I purchased a 6 man Viking RescPro life raft this week at a good price (3200 delivered). This will hold 9 people in a pinch and is tons of room for us. It's heavy though at 88lbs. It won't fit in the Jeanneau life raft locker though which is just too small by a half inch for the hard case to fit and the soft case is too wide in the other direction which is a shame, still it's more storage instead then. I purchased the duffel bag version instead which I'll keep in a lazarette or down below when not sailing and outside otherwise. Still, at 88lbs it's heavy to bring up the stairs from below.

Our EPIRB is a Global Fix Pro category II. Basically, the boat will be turned over to us and in our marina slip on Friday, May 5th.

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