Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Solar setup on boat

I'll probably add a solar setup this year and take advantage of the federal tax credit on the total cost. It will likely consist of Davits (a rear platform to mount the panels), 600W of Solbian high efficiency solar panels on the davits, Victron Multiplus hybrid invertor/charger, Victron MPP solar controllers and 800aH of lithium batteries also by Victron likely. Looking for someone to do the work now. I'll likely look at someone in Annapolis. By putting it all in at once, that gets me the credit against all that work is the plan.


  1. Hi Billy Newport,

    This is Bruce with OceanPlanet Energy. We're the importers of Solbian and also the marine distributor and support for Lithionics batteries. Would you want to talk solar and batteries?

    We have dealers & installer in MD (and most everywhere else, especially here in Maine).

    Drop us a line at

    Smooth seas

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