Sunday, March 12, 2017

Secured a slip close to office for first year

I've arranged an all year slip for the boat at Liberty Marina in Jersey City. It's right beside my office and I can keep the boat in the water all year round, they run bubblers in the winter. I'm having a Webasto 5.5kw diesel heater installed on the boat in preparation for the NJ/NY winters. Thats a 18k BTU unit with 6 outlets so it should be enough. The slip was basically 12k a year with direct billed electricity on top. Sewage is free and water is free. I'm planning on staying quite a bit on the boat which will help shorten my commute enormously, 15 minutes rather than an hour or more some times. Plus, I can go for runs around Liberty state park so I'm looking forward to using that time saved to run more. The slip includes two parking passes also so I can park my truck there year round while living aboard the boat.
Right now, the boat is having some equipment including the Webasto installed and should be delivered to the marina during the latter half of April.
This will allow me to get a lot more use out of the boat. I can use it like an apartment as well as go sailing after work during the summer evenings/weekends as well as fall/winter weekends also.

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