Saturday, January 20, 2018

Webasto 5500 heater problems

This week, my Webasto stopped working. I noticed because the temps on my boat started dropping while I was at my house. I have a samsung smart things setup on the boat to monitor for leaks and temperatures in different parts of the boat (bow, aft, cabins, engine, fridge) which sends me alarms when it's cold.
When I got to the boat, there was plenty of diesel (1/2) but there was a flashing fault code on the control unit for the heater. I see 5 fast flashes and one long flash. The long one indicates the fault. One flash indicates "failure to start after 2 attempts". The manual indicates to restart the heater. I did that twice with the same result. Then I rebooted the boat (cycle 12V power) and got the same on the first try but it worked on the second try.
The boat then heated up but today, like 3 days later, same issue I think. Headed to boat today to figure it out and possible see if I need to decoke the heater or replace glow plugs.

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